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Organizations of all sizes depend on experts with monetary mastery to impact their choices and methodologies. Turning into a more experienced bookkeeping expert could prompt a scope of profession center regions from reviewing to monetary examination or records payable/receivable. People with the right ranges of abilities could end up assisting with evaluating the monetary soundness of a business, planning monetary reports to assist leaders with using sound judgment, working with finance or managing charge consistency.

Master's in Accounting Programs Overview

That is the reason we offer 2 bookkeeping master's projects - alongside 4 focus choices - to assist you with arriving at your objectives.

Intended for corporate bookkeepers, reviewers, extortion analysts and monetary examiners, our Master of Science (MS) in Accounting system can assist you with moving into significant level situations in banking, tax collection, protection or any organization with a monetary division. Understudies wanting to procure their Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certificate will track down this degree significantly. Contingent upon the state where you live, procuring your MS Accounting degree might fulfill the training prerequisites you really want to sit for the CPA test.

"The general motivation behind bookkeeping is to recount the monetary story of an association (or individual) to consider informed navigation," said Mona Stephens, CPA, MSA, and bookkeeping personnel lead at SNHU. "Bookkeepers currently need to have great correspondence abilities, innovation abilities and the capacity to break down a lot of information."

You'll upgrade your scientific abilities, develop your insight into bookkeeping standards and gain from educators with certifiable aptitude.

The Master of Science (MS) in Accounting Finance will assist you with acquiring the significant monetary examination and quantitative abilities expected for administration or the executives positions. This program is a decent choice in the event that you have revenue in both bookkeeping and money. Partnerships and associations enormous and little are needing qualified, prepared monetary experts who perceive the significance of precise quantitative examination and consistency with severe fiscal report guidelines.

You can likewise practice your abilities with one of our 4 industry-driven fixations: examining, legal bookkeeping, the board bookkeeping and tax collection.

Created with input from corporate accomplices like Fidelity, the MS in Accounting Finance online degree program can open up an assortment of professional potential open doors in for-benefit, charity and civil areas. Your educators, who altogether bring many years of bookkeeping and monetary experience into the coursework, know which abilities are required in the work environment today and how to set you up to address those issues.

Expert of Science in Accounting Finance Degree Benefits:

Middle yearly compensation of $134,180 for monetary managers1

15% projected work development for monetary administrators through 20291

Key courses include: Cost Accounting, Auditing, Business Law and Corporate Financial Management.

SNHU's bookkeeping and money graduate degree program will give you the instruments you really want to assist these substances with flourishing by showing you reviewing techniques, planning, cost investigation, monetary announcing, and individual and corporate assessment arrangement.

With the business world confronting expanded examination to consent to severe bookkeeping rehearses, there's consistent interest for prepared experts in corporate money, banking, effective financial planning, government and not-for-profits. As per the U.S. Division of Labor, amazing open doors for bookkeepers and evaluators are supposed to become 4% through 2029, quicker than the normal for all occupations.1 Careers in bookkeeping and money include:

public and corporate bookkeeper

financial plan examiner

speculation examiner

individual monetary organizer

In the event that you're keen on a bookkeeping specialization in money management, see the full educational program. Notwithstanding this program, we likewise offer a full expert's in finance in the event that you are more keen on finance than bookkeeping.

Master of Science in Accounting

This program is the most ideal choice if you have any desire to zero in principally on bookkeeping. Picking this choice without a fixation will give you the most opportunity to pick your courses with significant electives. The 4 focused choices are additionally facilitated under this program choice, permitting you to make the most modified degree experience for your vocation objectives.

Figure out how to:

Evaluate the viability and limits of monetary bookkeeping and announcing rehearses

Produce complex fiscal summaries for inner and outer clients

Limit the expense obligation of people and associations

Impart the meaning of bookkeeping data as it connects with masterful courses of action

Plan parts of fiscal summaries as per U.S. Sound accounting guidelines (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Evaluate a review plan for consistence with Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) review principles

SNHU's lord's in bookkeeping on the web lines up with the Content and Skill Specification Outlines (CSOs/SSOs) set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Auditing Concentration

With this specific focus, you can plan interior and outer reviews and data affirmation designs that stick to inspecting best practices and standards and follow laid out public and global evaluating norms.

The web-based Master of Science in Accounting with a fixation in Auditing can expand your possibilities of getting the reviewing position you need. You'll find out about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 - the government regulation that sets prerequisites for public organization sheets, the executives and public bookkeeping firms - and what steps organizations should take to follow these necessities. Furthermore, you'll likewise utilize the furthest down the line advances to address normal reviewing difficulties.

By acquiring your lord's, you can foster your capacity to prevail in center and senior administration positions, and further develop your progression potential by assisting organizations with fulfilling the need for more noteworthy straightforwardness in monetary announcing.

Profession viewpoint:

The requirement for bookkeepers and reviewers stays consistent, with 4% extended development through 2029, as per the U.S. Agency of Labor Statistics.1 And as the economy develops, more could be expected to analyze monetary records.

In 2020, the middle compensation for bookkeepers and evaluators was $73,560.1

A few sorts of examiner jobs you could consider include:

Outside examiners: Review budget summaries and guarantee that they've been accurately arranged and detailed.

Inside reviewers: Identify ways of further developing cycles for finding and killing waste and misrepresentation.

Data innovation evaluators: Review controls for PC frameworks to guarantee that monetary information comes from a solid source.

Courses might include:

Location and Prevention of Fraudulent Financial Statements

Prologue to Forensic Accounting/Fraud Exam

Course in Audit and Information Assurance

Forensic Accounting Concentration

Upgrade your bookkeeping profession by acquiring the abilities to examine extortion with a web-based Master of Science in Accounting with a focus in Forensic Accounting.

You'll figure out how criminological bookkeeping standards can be applied in complex monetary exchanges, for example, consolidations and acquisitions, liquidations and agreement questions.

You'll likewise find how scientific bookkeeping discoveries are utilized in legal disputes to arraign middle class lawbreakers.

Vocation standpoint:

Monetary emergencies and official interest for more prominent straightforwardness in monetary revealing keep on filling development in measurable bookkeeping.

Moves on from legal bookkeeping projects can move into occupations in which they assess, survey and depict monetary and business matters in an assortment of settings, including bookkeeping firms, insurance agencies, regulation workplaces and legislative organizations.

The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics projects 4% business development through 2029.1 furthermore, the middle yearly compensation was $73,560 for bookkeepers and reviewers in May 2020.1

Courses might include:

Recognition and Prevention of Fraudulent Financial Statements

Interview Techniques/Legal Aspects of Fraud

Examining with Computers

Management Accounting Concentration

Turn into an essential accomplice in your association by giving monetary data that can direct the inner administration of workers, chiefs and leaders, illuminate navigation and further develop execution.

The web-based Master of Science in Accounting with a fixation in Management Accounting offers centered examinations in bookkeeping as groundwork for scholastic capabilities expected for turning into a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and for a more extensive investigation of the executives connected with the use of bookkeeping hypothesis and best practices.

You'll look at elements of controllership, worldwide, government and charitable bookkeeping to accomplish a high level comprehension of bookkeeping and monetary administration navigation and investigation.

Adding the administration bookkeeping fixation is a decent choice in the event that you're keen on working in and driving the bookkeeping division of a business, charity or government office as opposed to as a CPA. Rather than planning charge records, the board bookkeepers all the more frequently fill in as regulators to deal with an association's books, including creditor liabilities and receivable, finance and that's only the tip of the iceberg. The focus courses will assist you with getting ready to deal with an association's bookkeeping office and plan budget summaries for senior administration.

Profession viewpoint:

With coursework covering the elements of controllership, business regulation and legislative, not-for-profit and global bookkeeping, SNHU's lord's in administration bookkeeping can open up potential open doors in the private and public areas, as well as charities.

The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics projects 4% business development for bookkeepers and reviewers through 2029.1 likewise, the middle yearly compensation was $73,560 for bookkeepers and evaluators in May 2020.1

Courses might include:


Administrative and Nonprofit Accounting

Worldwide Accounting

Taxation Concentration

The web-based Master of Science in Accounting with a fixation in Taxation acquaints you with rules and practices in pay tax collection for people, companies and organizations, as well as extracting charges on bequests and merchandise.

An expert in tax collection assists you with meeting CPA test prerequisites, yet additionally sets you up for the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) proficient certificate tests.

Courses might include:

Home and Gift Taxation

Exceptional Topics in Taxation

Charge Research Methodology

Why SNHU for your Master's in Accounting?

With no set class meeting times, you can learn on your timetable and access online course materials day in and day out.


Exploit the absolute most reduced web-based educational cost rates in the country, in addition to monetary guidance for the people who qualify. We likewise make it simple to move to SNHU by tolerating up to 12 credits from your past establishment.


Established in 1932, Southern New Hampshire University is a private, philanthropic organization with north of 100,000 alumni the nation over. SNHU is institutionally certified by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), which advocates for institutional improvement and public confirmation of value.

As of late, Southern New Hampshire University has been broadly perceived for driving the way toward more imaginative, reasonable and reachable training:

"Generally Innovative" provincial college respects from U.S. News and World Report every year starting around 2015

A $1 million award from to investigate delicate abilities evaluations for high-need youth

Acknowledgment as a 2017 Digital Learning Innovator by the Online Learning Consortium


At Southern New Hampshire University, you'll approach a strong organization of beyond 200,000 understudies, graduated class and staff that can assist with supporting you long after graduation. Our educators offer important, true aptitude to help you comprehend and explore your industry. Besides, with our developing, cross country graduated class organization, you'll possibly take advantage of various entry level positions and professional potential open doors.


Established as a bookkeeping school, Southern New Hampshire University has been graduating fruitful bookkeepers beginning around 1932.

Around then, what's currently known as SNHU was only a two-room business college over an uninspiring retail facade in midtown Manchester, New Hampshire. Initially named the New Hampshire Accounting and Secretarial School, the small undertaking enlisted less than multi day understudies and 35 night understudies in accounting, bookkeeping and secretarial courses.

The school's pioneer, Harry Alfred Benjamin "H.A.B." Shapiro, sent off courses at SNHU to prepare accountants in the hypothesis and strategy for bookkeeping. Shapiro, who was all the while running his bookkeeping practice at that point, accepted enthusiastically in the benefit of knowing the "why" of bookkeeping and in addition to the "how."

Right up 'till now, business programs - including bookkeeping - are a portion of the college's most well known certificates that understudies sign up for.

96.5% of understudies would suggest SNHU.2 Discover the reason why SNHU might be appropriate for you.

Courses & Curriculum for the Master’s in Accounting

While you'll rehearse customary bookkeeping rehearses all through your coursework, you'll likewise have the advantage of learning current bookkeeping programming, providing you with a more profound comprehension of the business.

Our web-based expert's in bookkeeping degree educational program is intended to upgrade your comprehension and abilities in a scope of regions, for example,

Bookkeeping standards and practices

Proficient evaluating strategies

Cost examination for informed independent direction

Utilizing data innovation to assess monetary data

Utilizations of monetary guidelines in business

Quantitative investigation

Individual and corporate duty planning

The substance of this program lines up with the Content and Skill Specification Outlines (CSOs/SSOs) set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

To turn into a CPA, the AICPA has 3 prerequisites, known as the 3 Es: experience, test and training. SNHU's lord's educational program was planned by well-informed authorities working in the field explicitly to meet the affirmation's instructive prerequisites. Thus, the substance in the MS program sets you up for the different areas of the CPA exam3:

Reviewing and authentication

Business climate and ideas

Monetary bookkeeping and revealing


Turning into a CPA permits you to join an organization of more than 430,000 who've procured the equivalent certification.3

What's more, would it be advisable for you to add the administration bookkeeping focus to your certificate? The program was intended to permit you to meet the training prerequisites for the Certified Management Accountant test. The Institution of Management Accountants records its 12 competencies as:

Corporate money

Cost administration

Choice investigation

Outer monetary revealing choices

Fiscal summary investigation

Inside controls

Speculation choices

Execution the executives

Arranging, planning and gauging

Proficient morals

Risk the executives

Innovation and investigation

Finishing the test places you following some great people's example: The IMA has granted 70,000 CMAs to date.4

Try not to have a bookkeeping or business foundation? SNHU offers establishment courses for understudies that enter without a college degree in bookkeeping or money. Different courses are qualified for exclusions or waivers on the off chance that an understudy has an undergrad major or fixation in bookkeeping, money or bookkeeping/finance. Understudies ought to talk about with their affirmation advocate or scholarly consultant how recently procured credits could apply to their graduate degree.

A Master of Science in Accounting is one of the many types of accounting programs you can chose from. Master's degrees in accounting are designed for those looking to get ahead as a public accountant, corporate accountant, auditor, fraud examiner, financial analyst and so much more.

in Accounting Offers Depth of Knowledge. The biggest difference between an MBA and an M.S. in Accounting is the scope of the curriculum. MBA focuses on breadth of skills that can be applied to a large variety of management scenarios and business challenges.

A master's in accounting generally requires 30-36 credits and takes 12-18 months for full-time students to complete.

An accounting and finance degree will give you a number of transferable skills that will help enhance your CV and make you a desirable employee to a range of employers. You will develop strong numerical and quantitative skills, with advanced analytical and problem-solving capabilities.

The main reasons to fail Accounting lessons were that they didn't study enough and they can't understand accounting. The best method of understanding theoretical part of “Accounting” courses is using blackboard and power-point presentation together; for understanding practical/exercise part of is using blackboard.

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