best first guess to use for Wordle

best first guess to use for Wordle

Wordle is a daily word game where players have six attempts to guess a five letter word. Feedback for each guess is given in the form of colored tiles to indicate if letters match the correct position. create your own wordle

Have used the ones with mostly vowels. Works but only less than half the time. Finding the correct placement of consonants is best. Think of those examples where the vowels are left out yet the sentence is understandable. like wordle

The worst is where some letters are in the correct spot but there are too many possibilities for the remaining letter or letters.

Each Wordle 'chart' ( I don't know if that's what it's really called ) speaks of its own history. Someday archaeologists will dig up our Wordle charts and figure out how we thought and how we lived. An analysis of my chart today will tell that there were so many choices and so little time.

No. I'm not giving a clue... The chart speaks for itself.

I'm glad there are only 26 letters in the alphabet.

Can you imagine if we had like 94 letters?

( just a random number I thought of)

I think it would be interesting if we could pick one letter to get rid of. Which letter would it be? I would say Z because not that many words seem to have Z in them. But then we would not have ZIP Codes. But we could call them something else.

We could also get rid of X maybe. I'm not sure... I have to think about it.

My friend from Dublin, Helen, mentioned James Joyce today.

I thought somebody who had a last name 'James'... if they had a daughter, they could name the daughter Joyce.

The daughter's name would be Joyce James.

That could be interesting. That's why Wordle is so good. Words are interesting but so are names. I wonder if names are considered words. Like the name Bill, it's not only a name, it's the price you have to pay for something.

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Speaking of words, could somebody explain the difference between a while and awhile?

I was thinking of words this morning before I ate my breakfast.

I went through the living room. And then I thought about it.

best first guess to use for Wordle

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NEW! Together Hard and Custom Words
You can now send Hard words as well as Custom Words to your Wordle! Together opponents! Stump friends, family, and players around the world with words like TWIXT and HUMPH!

Yeah it's a room you live in...but every room in your house you live in... so every room could be called the 'living room.'

But maybe we could change names to the cooking room, the sleeping room, the washing room, the 'sit on the couch room.'

And if you think about the word 'living' it makes you think about the body part called the liver.

And liver has the word live in it which kind of tells you that without a liver you can' live.

But that also includes the heart.

Nobody has ever lived without a heart... so the heart is also, in a way, a liver.

Many organs in our body are 'livers' if you know what I'm saying.

Last thing. I asked my class last year if you went to somebody's house for dinner and let's say you were eating stew. And you found a hair in the stew. Would you eat it or would you stop eating... or what would you do?

I had a dream once that there was a hair in my food after we had recently attended a Crystal Gayle concert.

So I dreamed I had one of her hairs in my food.

The hair is about 5 feet long.

In my dream I had to remove it as if I was pulling up a crab net from the bottom of the sea.

Agree 100%. My start word is consonant heavy and the only failure I've had is "hunky", precisely the kind of word you reference.

I prefer to use whatever word springs to mind, allowing a bit of whimsy to what is otherwise a somewhat limited game.

me too, I use a different word every day! My streak is 241

That was a dismal day for a lot of players.

People play without a strategy? Just guessing willy nilly? That's why the world is in chaos.

I guessed all WillyNilly once and got it on my first guess - that was craziness!

It’s anarchy, which will lead to social upheaval and Armageddon

Yeah yeah you could consider the statistical usage of letters and words but that would take all the fun out of it, wouldn't it? I start with what's on my mind that moment.

me too. I think it's more challenging and fun to use a randomly selected first word.

I used to have a strategy but reverted back to your method because it's more fun!

Those are what I used, in that order, depending on how many correct or used letters result in each attempt. My average is 4/6. but I have plenty of 3s and some 2s with that method.

That's mine too! Followed by strep (which is sort of a silly guess, but it knocks out some common letters).

I always use fiend first then chaos if nothing forthcoming

THURL (credit to some girl on TikTok). Helps eliminate several letter combinations.

I use GREAT. If no letters show up I use WOUND. Worked well today.

I use GREAT, then if nothing SOUND, then if needed FILCH.

NOISE - I also don't care how many guesses. Only that I don't break my streak or make any errors.

my 116 game winning streak was broken by the word parer.

I lost my 42 game streak to Parker. My son lost his 100+ game streak to the same word. Quoting him: "I hope someone lost their job for using that word."

I throw caution to the wind and just pick something, plugging letters into the boxes with the calm assurance that my brain will rifle through my stored memories of 5th grade spelling lists and retrieve enough useful words to ensure success. So far reliance on the weekly rote memorization torture of yore has worked in my favor, resulting a 100% streak with the bulk of correct guesses in attempt #4. Thanks Ms. Snell!

STERN. When I wasn't playing hard mode, I would then play YCLAD and OPIUM. 15 letters covered. But now I play hard mode so start with STERN and go from there.

Where to Play

You can play Wordle at or on The New York Times Games homepage at and The New York Times Crossword app.

me too! I use STERN then PLAID depending on what letters I get from stern. One day it will be stern!!

I use the same word every day so that, eventually, I will get it in one.

Put your sunglasses on, glorious sunny fall day. Enjoy yours!

Wordle 476 5/6

Getting that last letter can be a nightmare! I really thought 3/6 should have been the one.

I have a list of 5 letter words with 4 vowels, but I prefer to start with some obscure word just to keep this thing fun.

Wordle 475 4/6

Fjord-Waltz-Nymph-Vibex-Gucks. Then you have all the letters (but Q) for 1 big attempt on #6. Credit: Matt Parker

AUDIO works for me in both the English and Spanish wordles

I always start with URINE it's a stream of conscious thing

When all this worlding began, I used dream or crate as my first word. But how boring it is to use the same word every day. So for some time now I use whatever word first comes to mind. E.g. After a hot night (meant literally, sans nudge nudge wink wink), it was sweet. While watching the Queen Elisabeth‘s funeral on tv it was death. Today for some unfathomable reason: pores.

About a month ago, I won the start-word lottery by solving the game on my first guess - for which the game quite nonsensically called me a "genius" (I indeed applaud myself for being smart, but guessing is not a skill requiring genius). But strangely enough, this threw me into a sort of sadness, a mourning for a start word I can no longer use. I have a new one but I still feel uncomfortable with it.

I use caste as my first word and proud as my second, it has worked out for me

I started with a canoe, but audio is interesting.

I like opera, bit canoe would be helpful

I go basic, then route if it’s not hitting yet and then if it’s still not hittin I throw either manly or pylon in there to check for y and other consonants

I used to switch every day but now I start with ARISE. I usually use IRATE or MEDIA

My 200th game. And while I had a 50/50 for a 3/6 today, I'll take the 4/6 on this milestone day. The other interesting news is that I finally tipped the decimal scale, so my winning % is now 100 (lost one game.)

Wordle 476 4/6

Bad stuff happens to good people. I‘m having a boring run of 0.66666

Wordle 475 4/6

Wordle Bot

Skill 92/99

Luck 35/99

The right word was on my mind after the second guess..but I wanted to try out some other letters

Your meter is much better. So

I hereby amend my Wordle doggerel:

Like autumn leaps to spring

May yellow spring to green.

This one did my head in today

But the options only gave me one outcome in line four

Greetings from down under

Beautiful spring day in sunny Geelong Australia

Superb solve and another of us with all blanks in the first line. What does it mean?!

Just to say some got yellow in line one.

Wordle 475 3/6*

My starting words are CREST, AUDIO. Here I have all 5 vowels and five very frequent consonants. Depending on the results, I could resort to NYMPH as third guess to have 5 additional consonants.

Do I have to register with The New York Times or pay to play Wordle?

No, Wordle is free to play. You do not have to register or sign in to play.

However, you do have the option now to sign in with a New York Times account to save your progress permanently. Signing in with your New York Times account allows you to play Wordle from other devices or platforms. You can access this option in the Statistics menu in the Wordle game. Before linking your account, please ensure that your progress displays in the Statistics menu.

Audio is another popular word. I start with a different word every time

I use a different word every day, have had one game in one (“saint”) and my streak is 259, so it works for me.

This is how I do it. I can always solve it, usually with 3 words, but sometimes it takes more. I use ARISE, TIRED, sometimes UNITY.

me too, whatever comes to streak is 241-

I usually flip a magazine open to grab a starting word. When I used “saint” it was from an article about Ozzy Osborne.

I usually go with the first 5 letter word that crosses my mind. Today for the 2nd try I took a chance on an unlikely possibility. And was very surprised that that ‘unlikely possibility’ was the answer. Wordle 477 2/6

Roast then if no help there Build. Roast is usually a really good start word.

I try to eliminate

A, E, I, O, L, N, R, S and T in my first two turns as I understand them to be the most used letters in the English language.

Best words to guess first in Wordle









No! I used adieu after reading this weeks ago and it broke my streak! Listen to your instincts! I find Wordle not that challenging. I start with aliens.

The one time I didn’t use my favorite word it was the word of the day!! I didn’t get it until 6. It’s not my favorite word anymore

yes, but only one yellow. Something nefarious is afoot!

Yes. I thought so too. But then I realized many people only show off their successes. I have that failing too. I seldom post the times it takes me 6 guesses as there is nothing to see there. But this one, I'm happy to show off.

What is the best first guess on Wordle?

The reason SALET is a more optimal guess than fan favorites like ADIEU and AUDIO is because, on average, it helps narrow down the possible answers in Wordle's word bank the fastest. On average, the algorithm solved Wordles puzzles in 3.421 guesses when starting with SALET.

Why is today's word different for different people?

The New York Times made changes to the list of accepted five letter word solutions. To ensure your game is in sync with the updated version, you can refresh the website where you play Wordle.

I have 3 go to words to rule out 15 letters: PLACE, MOUTH, RINGS. 80% of the time I can get all the letters I need to get it by the 4th word. wordles puzzles

I always start with a word that ends with -e. Second guess, a word that ends with =y.

I usually start with CATER, followed up by PIOUS.

Mine is Leary. From there, we play the hard way, using all green letters where they belong and including all yellow letters, so my following guesses are always dependent. sites like wordle

I use earth first and then pious

That’s not a very good strategy… because very few 5 letter words have just the O that you can use as the second guess

When I got 0 letters with my starter, I changed my typical second to hopefully reveal 2 letters. Was totally surprised I scored 4 letters! After that I just had to debate which world Mr. Wordle chose for my next guess. And I guessed it! wordle site

I use 2 words as my starter words consistently.. that gives me 5 consonants and 5 vowels to begin with. Usually by 3, max 4th attempt, the word is in the bag. Unless it’s one of those stupid words that have million combos, like tough, rough, bough, cough

I want us to be friends that was why I sent you a friend request but it's not going through. Please can you send me a friend request?

I’m done with Wordle - it was fun for several months. Btw, I used the word POETS first every time and it was never a word of the day at least for me. Not the reason I don’t Wordle anymore though. Thanks.

This is certainly lucky, but not lottery lucky. Besides, how many lottery tickets can you buy with your winnings from a 2/6 Wordle finish?

I use audio as my first. I just don’t know how people switch up their words everyday and get it on the first guess or even the second. That’s impressive.

What is the most used first word in Word?

Most common Wordle starting words

ADIEU — ADIEU was the most common response, with a total of 21 submissions. We think this is a smart word to use, as it contains nearly all of the vowels, except O, allowing you to quickly assess which vowels are or aren't in the final word.

I always use my first name which happens to be a 5 letter word. I guess I'm just conceited

I used crude recently, and it turned out to be a good choice. Aliens can be good also. I like to mix it up.

Slate, Wound, Grimy, then Pizza and finally Mango, if it's none of those, then I don't know either. Also I'm always amused by the fact that sometimes some of the letters turn green or yellow.

So many, including me, got all blanks on line one. Am still pondering that…

I noticed that too,I'm guessing we all picked a wrong starter word, in my case I picked 2 wrong starter words.. Lol

I would have been so upset because I just beat my streak 2 days ago. I get stressed when i'm on guess 6

I was a lil hurt but nothing to get stressed about.. I'm glad you got it, that's awesome!

What are the 3 best words to start with in Wordle?

If, on the other hand, you're simply trying to win within the allotted six guesses, the top three words to play are “adept,” “clamp” and “plaid.” Using any of these three words will yield an average success rate in winning the game of 98.79 percent, 98.75 percent, and 98.75 percent, respectively, if you're playing the ...

One of the best according to computer analysis is SALET.

I never try to solve it in 2 words anymore. I usually use mouse train as my first two words. I use adieu when starting a hurdle.

First word ROAST second word PLIED That's all 4 of the most common consonants and 4 of the 5 vowels in your first two words. I have never not solved, only got to six tries 2 times, usually 3 or 4 and I've got it.

TYRES. I’ve solved lots of words on the second guess by using tyres

Can we get more than one a day please?

I use POISE and then CHART if no letters first go round.

Part of the fun is using whatever word you feel like and giving yourself a bit of a handicap because it’s not optimally selected. That’s so boring.

I am at 241, but use whatever comes to mind

Being a resident of a large south central American state did give me some benefit. Nevertheless, I was 477 6/6”

What are the odds of guessing Wordle on the first try?

Since there are 2,315 possible target words in Wordle, the probability that you will guess the target in exactly one try is 1/2315 = 0.000432.

I would agree, but in the past we've had folks really upset because a word is used in the states or has an american English spelling

I know that, I just don’t understand why anyone gets upset knowing there may be words they may not use. It’s part of the challenge.

Began today as a total experiment based on what I saw and shared a while ago, 5 am Chicago time.

Wordle 477 2/6

totally experimenting, fingers crossed, etc.

OMG! Really?! but, thought experiment would be a total flop flop flop. Wordle, you baffle me thoroughly! I give up!

Is Crane a good starting word for Wordle?

For as long as Wordle Bot has existed, the AI puzzle solver has recommended one word above any other as the best Wordle opening guess: Crane. Crane has been the bot's best guess for months—and subsequently the go-to opening salvo for countless Wordlers.

An unusual starter came to my mind and chose to use it. Got extremely lucky. It would probably be a failure without that.

Hello, World Leverse! best wordle

Me too, Riz! I woke up deciding to experiment with something I saw on youtube. I happened to choose what turned out to be the best choice of four for today's puzzle. Still feels amazing. Totally in tune w Wordleverse, just like my second 2/6 for #433. wordle pictures

Does Wordle have a strategy?

14/14 Get A Word List. One of the most efficient ways of solving a Wordle puzzle is to actually acquire a nifty list of five-letter words. That way, players will be able to have a more accurate resource of potential words they could use to solve the puzzle.

Yes, an interesting starter word that you used. and an interesting choice of word Wordle used for today. Mmm? websites like wordle

I must try random starting words. I do what probably most others do, that is to use one of the half dozen 4 vowel starting words. I'll give it a go from tomorrow. Here's hoping. today wordle

guy on yt swears by the same four words. I used one of those for 477.

Well done!! You are always nailing it..How do you do that? Happy for you.. wordle creator

I use a list of words for each guess. My first guess is a list of 5 words. Then based on that I use the other lists.

Wordle Bot

Skill 82/99

Luck 44/99

I am a complete newbie to this group but have long been playing. I was wondering, where do you find the number for a day’s game?

In the settings window, the puzzle number is shown in the bottom right corner. wordle cloud generator

of IS spelling which is different to English spelling. Today was a good example!

What is a good average score in the world?

Wordle in Four

Most people should, on average, get it in at least 4, even on days where it is harder. Especially if you aren't making risky moves, four guesses should supply you with enough information to make a correct guess. make a wordle

exactly...I was wondering how is it accepted

Yes I thought the same and was pondering the same question before I even started!

Wordle should stick to British English spelling

On mine, if I hit share, the number appears at the top. I don’t usually share, but that’s the only way I can find out what number it is. wordle game

What is the average number of tries for Wordle?

On average 95% of target words can be solved within 6 guesses with average game length is approximately 4 rounds. By the time the third guess has been made, a good player will have located about 4 target letters with 2 or 3 in their correct positions.

oh, no I've never looked for it, but in my time playing that's the only time I see the number. Well if you ever need/want to, now you can! wordle new york

Yikes, still savoring 477 2/6! Anyway, terrific unfolding!

Yes, I am pleased with myself.

This confirms what I suspected all along, that I have little or no mental deterioration.

Enough about that.

Does Wordle use plurals?

There is nothing stopping Wordle answers from being plural. However, none have been plural so far in 2022, suggesting either that the makers are choosing not to use plurals or that they are just very rare. Three Wordle answers have ended in S in 2022, but they are FOCUS, REBUS and TRUSS. best wordle generator

I was thinking about the International Date Line the other day... (because some of my Wordle friends live in England, Ireland , Australia and New Zealand and other places.)

and as you know, it runs from the North pole to the South Pole. And I was thinking , it'd be interesting if it was a line of latitude instead, and if it ran from West to East. five letter words

What is the fastest way to solve Wordle?

My technique: use a word with lots of vowels, three to four to be precise. I often start with words like OILED, ABOUT or ADIEU. You could also try the Wheel of Fortune approach and focus on words with R, S, T, L, N and E.

That would mean as you go North or South your time zone would change. 5 letter word guessing game

I think that could be very interesting. what happened to wordle

But I'm here to talk about (weirdo... I'm dictating this to my computer and looking at what they used as a substitute for Wordle) Wordle. So I heard somebody say last night, "so to speak."

And I've heard that many times, and I still have no idea what they're talking about. wordle answer

Another thing that's interesting ...I write notes to myself and sometimes I write them too fast and the next day I can't read them. I have no idea what I wrote.

Well yesterday I dictated into my iPad and then when I got to my computer this morning all it said was "grant meat." And I can't figure out at all what I said to the computer last night but I know it wasn't meat. If you can figure out what I was saying please let me know. wordle ny times

It depends on

1. Pronunciation :

do you gr-ant

or... gr- aunt

or ..maybe a slang it ; gr-unt

2. Context.

If it was regarding your Online Date Query / Contemplation ;

Maybe Grant meets Suzy...E->W

Or Grant meets Sally ..N ->S

Or perhaps ;

Your Romance Novel Writing Teaching ; Grant meets all Suzie’ s expectations.

3. Part of Speech ;

Perhaps this noun is not proper!

It might be ‘ a grant ‘

As in ; The Grant meets the criteria to be awarded to an excellent writer and will be generously financed by Mr Bruce Stacks. wordle nytimes

And there

I am now officially Your Tutor.

If it's important you'll remember, if not well duh! I know that is not a proper word, but it does say it all for a non word. God your verbal diarrhea is catching.

It is not verbal diarrhea. It is verbal nutrition

Might it have been "grant needs" as a reminder to yourself to research the current standard procedure, content, writing style, and basic information required when writing and submitting grant proposals for funding by non-profit organizations so that you can share this information with the students in your class... and perhaps have them try their hand at grant writing as a classroom exercise?

I know it would not be anything nearly that sensible.

Like the cheese section in a good market... Too many choices. But anyway I did it. I put today's baby to bed, as they would say on Madison Avenue.

Speaking of words... if you have a young friend, and you refer to him/her as "my old friend" people know what you meant.

Can I do old words I missed?

The official Wordle website has a database of all the previous challenges, as well as a few unreleased puzzles prepared for the future. Therefore, if you manage to change the time on your device, you will be able to access previous games on the official website.

But what if it's an old person?

Is it proper to say, " I'd like you to meet my old friend?"

Do you see what I'm saying?

And yes, this relates to Wordle because I'm using words and it's about words.

So I saw a video of somebody looking at something scary.

So they covered their eyes with both hands...but they separated their fingers so they could see in between their fingers.

That seems like such a contradiction or a conundrum.

Maybe even in enigma.They don't want to see so they cover their eyes.... but then they separate their fingers so they can see a little bit.

Maybe that's a metaphor for life.

Imagine if some people tried to pull an incredible practical joke. They get somebody ( the learner ) who desperately wants to learn a foreign language. So the jokesters would teach the learner a foreign language. They would even show the learner films using that language. They would bring expert 'tutors' (jokesters) to help the learner with the foreign language.

And after like eight years the learner was now an expert in the foreign language, only to find out that it was not really a language.

It was just something that the jokesters made up.

All those years of work, knowledge and expertise for naught because the learner would have nobody to talk to in that language because it doesn't exist.

Your post made me smile, then it made me sad for the character who is alone in their new language. Imagine they went on to be a maker of a word puzzle that only they could solve.

You've got quite an imagination.

All I can say is Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey and cover my eyes. Completely

This is my actual 476. Not sure why the first posting showed line 4 incorrectly as yellow. VERY mysterious! As we know, there's no way I could solve it with only all yellows!

Wordle 476 6/6

What is the shortest word?

The shortest word is a. Some might wonder about the word I since it consists of one letter, too. In sound, a is shorter because it is a monophthong (consists of one vowel), while I is a diphthong. Both do consist of one letter in the English writing system, and in most fonts I is the narrowest letter.